• Selena Cotte

I just wanna fish (an animal crossing poem)

I come from a long line of lonely fishermen

carefully pacing the shore

hunting for snapper, or sea bass

pressing a to reel in

teaching my daughter to follow through

the only way I know how.

Unlike my father I fish for profit.

I fish to pay off a mortgage

and build a theme park

for diverse animal friends.

Unlike my grandfather I have such possibilities.

Like him, I miss out on basketball tournaments

have no patience for REO Speedwagon or

Pittsburgh Steelers

keep my eyes averted

texts to a minimum

my sensors focused

on sea vibrations

pulling in gold

big fish worth their weight in it

hanging my trophies next to virtual footballs

and bass guitars

unable to look behind me

for fear of salt

or perhaps of knowing

that the phone works both ways.

Selena Cotte is a poet/writer/shapeshifter with work in/forthcoming from Landfill, Sad Girl Review, Maudlin House, Hobart & other journals. She grew up a few miles from Disney World. Twitter: @selenacotte